Microsegmentation (uSeg) is a core-component of a modern data center security architecture. uSeg enhances traditional perimeter security with tightly-controlled, granular security zones within the infrastructure. Microsegmentation in past forms such as ‘0-trust models’ was unattainable because the information required to define segments was not available, and tools used for discovery had not achieved maturity. Modern processes and tolling has made uSeg a reality today.


This workshop is intended for data center, security, and operations administrators and engineers looking to understand microsegmentation.

Event Number: IMPS-XEN-0003

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

• Learn how businesses are transforming with Microsegmentation use cases and understand the critical milestones needed to develop a plan for transformation • Learn how business are preventing bugs/viruses/malicious attackers from affecting large groups of machines • Understand the modern approach to microsegmentation • Discuss Microsegmentation architectures, tools and methodologies • Review and develop use cases relevant to the business • Learn how to develop a road-map to encompass the vision

Pre-Requisite Text:
Understanding of rudimentary concepts of software defined networking and general ecosystem terminology. Understanding of traditional network terminology is ideal, but not required.

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