Xentaurs presents the DevOps Workshop — an engaging, interactive event focused on helping you dive into DevOps concepts, essential services, design-patterns, and application evolution. Customers will get an overview of current techniques and practices and exposure to multiple methods, and tool-sets. This interactive workshop includes use cases, presentations, and demonstrations that will help you develop and apply these methodologies to execute your cloud strategy.


• Developers • IT Architects (Storage, Network, Compute/ Virtualization, Automation) • IT Operations • Business Development Managers

Event Number: IMPS-XEN-0001

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

• Learn how businesses are transforming with DevOps use cases and understand the critical milestones needed to develop a plan for transformation • Review essential services and service-delivery models using macro and micro-services architectures • Understand the approach to continuous delivery and integration • Discuss DevOps architectures, tools and methodologies • Review and develop use cases relevant to the business • Learn how to develop a road-map to encompass the vision

Pre-Requisite Text:
General data-center architecture and cloud concepts

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