Certification Enablement Reporting Tool - VIP

Identify, Roadmap, and Achieve Better Business Outcomes

Stop flying blind in the Cisco VIP Program. Open your eyes to a new way of managing the complexities of your rebates, rewards and required specializations. The program is changing rapidly and will reward partners more for their annuity business than the traditional capital expenditure hardware sales of the past. As the margins on hardware get thinner, competition increases. How do you keep pace and protect your business in this changing environment? Introducing CERT VIP optimization SaaS, your single solution to managing the Cisco VIP program.

Can you easily answer these business questions?

• What impact do these changes have on my rebates?
• Where are there opportunities to take advantage of the new rewards?
• What products should I be selling?
• How profitable is each individual deal that we’re working on?
• Are there any risks that I could lose rebates?
• Where am I leaving money behind?

Our CERT VIP optimization SaaS is the tool that gives you complete visibility to forecast any changes in the
program. Improve your profitability and make sure you don’t leave any rebate opportunites behind.

CERT VIP optimization SaaS helps you:

Manage annuity rewards including:
• Subscription renewals
• Activation bonuses
• Land and Expand bonuses
• Challenge ineligible bookings
• Show where you are at risk
• Claim the payments you are due
• Meet the minimum booking levels
• Analyze all of your bill of materials to understand the true profitability including rebates and incentive programs
• Understand the impact of changes to the VIP program on your business
• Determine where to change your product strategy to optimize rebates

Gain instant visibility on all aspects of your Cisco VIP program to protect and increase your rebates by joining CERT VIP.
Automate, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure you can focus on strategic initiatives rather than data gathering.

Our past CERT members have experienced an ROI within 3 months!

For more information, please contact your Ingram Micro Cisco Sales Executive or Patrick Gould at 716.440.8915.