The Symantec Security Analytics Administrator course is intended for IT professionals who want to master the fundamentals of the Symantec Security Analytics solution.

Audience: IT network or security professionals who wish to master the fundamentals of Symantec + Blue Coat products, with a focus on network security, and who may have not taken any previous Symantec and Blue Coat training courses.

Event Number: SYMAN-1179

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Security

Course Detail:

This class covers the following topics:

Security Analytics Product Introduction

Solution Design

Installation and Setup

Security Analytics Web-based User Interface

Reports � What Do They Tell Me

Using the Filter Bar

Using Advanced Filters


Management, Monitoring, and Maintenance

Pre-Requisite Text:
Participants should be familiar with network administration in distributed, enterprise-class LAN/WAN topologies, including basic Unix/Linux administration and have some experience with using proxies, firewalls, routers, and switches to implement network-security policies.
Basic to advanced knowledge of best practices for incident response and continuous monitoring is a plus.

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