<p>A key issue affecting an organization&rsquo;s business productivity and employee efficiency today is its ability to respond to dynamic changes in the cyber threat landscape. Coming up on the heels of the highly successful SNSA program launched earlier this year, SonicWall now presents the SonicWall Network Security Professional (SNSP) course, an expert‐level training and certification program that builds on the enterprise security skills learned in the SNSA course. Previously known as the Network Security Advance Administration (NSAA) course, the revamped SNSP curriculum expands on the topics covered in SNSA and features advanced SonicWall firewall configuration and administration tasks aimed at helping enterprises adapt to dynamic security environments. Relevant changes to the curriculum include an enhanced and deeper scope of SonicOS 6.5.x features and functionality, as well as changes in the learning and delivery methodologies to better balance the professional needs of the students and the business requirements for network and cyber security.</p>


Security professionals, System engineers, channel partners, service partners, and end users with 1+ years of experience in implementing IT security technologies (Network, Applications, and Systems) and are also SNSAcertified.

Event Number: SNSP

Available Languages: English (US),English (UK),French (Canada),German (Germany),Russian (Russia),Japanese (Japan),Chinese (Simplified),Italian (Italy),Portuguese (Brazil),French (France),Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spain),Portuguese (Portugal),Thai (Thailand),Dutch (The Netherlands)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

0 Course Introduction and Overview
1. Configuring VPN Auto Provisioning
2. Configuring Advanced Routing
3. Configuring Advanced Interface Settings
4. Using SonicOS CLI
5. Configuring Capture Client
6. Capturing and Replaying Packets
7. Configuring DPI‐SSL/TLS Server
8. Configuring DPI‐SSH
9. Configuring App Rules
10. Configuring App Control
11. Configuring Advanced High Availability
12. Excluding Trusted Content
13. Resolving and Reporting False Positives
14. Configuring Content Filtering
15. Implementing Best Practices

Pre-Requisite Text:

 In‐depth understanding of networking fundamentals and architecture, including OSI data model, IP
addressing, dynamic routing, switching, VoIP, cloud and virtualization, network topologies and
connectivity, wired and wireless networks, system backup and recovery, network applications and
peripherals, network management protocols, etc.
 Knowledge of enterprise security concepts and technologies, such as firewalls, gateways, VPN
architecture, threat protection, content filtering, NAT, IPSec, SSL, DPI, zones, encryption and
cryptography, access control, Identity management, security compliance policies, latest cyber threats
and vulnerabilities, etc.
 SonicWall Network Security Administration (SNSA) certification.

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