The SonicWall Network Security Administration course provides students the required background, knowledge and hand-on experience to begin designing, implementing and troubleshooting SonicWall Network Security
Appliances running SonicOS firmware.  The SNSA course and certification replaces the NSBA course and the CSSA certification. The NSBA course will End-of-Life on June 30th, 2018. The CSSA certification will continue to be valid for 2 years after successfuly passing the examination. 

A flexible and learner-centric Blended Curriculum that combines Online eLearning with hands-on, Instructor-Led Classroom Training:


1.      eLearning: This course begins with fully immersive, self-paced online training modules that showcase the unique features and functionality of SonicOS in a simulated application environment.

2.      Instructor-Led Training: The instructor-guided portion of the curriculum provides a suite of intensive ILT scenario-based sessions, wherein you learn to configure, manage, and monitor a SonicWall Next-Gen firewall in a risk-free lab environment.

The New blended learning approach of the SNSA training program aims to not only enhance your learning experience, but also accommodate your busy schedules. Successful completion of the SNSA curriculum qualifies you to take the SNSA exam for Network Security. 

Audience: Security professionals, System engineers, channel partners, service partners, and end users with one-or-more years of experience in implementing IT security technologies (Network, Applications, and Systems)

Event Number: SNSA

Available Languages: French (Canada),English (US)

Subjects: SonicWALL


This course will enable students to configure, monitor,  manage, and optimize the SonicWall Next-Gen firewall appliances running SonicOS  to effectively defend against evolving and emerging network and cyber security

Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to  configure the SonicWall firewall for Secure and Remote Connectivity, Network  Optimization, and Advanced Threat Protection.

Course Detail:

The training is delivered through a learner-centric blended curriculum that combines online learning with hands-on, instructor-led classroom training. The new blended learning approach of the SNSA training program aims to not only enhance your learning experience but also accommodate your busy schedule. This course begins with fully immersive, self-paced online training modules that showcase the unique features and functionality of SonicOS in a simulated application environment. Activation keys are required to access the course modules and can be obtained from Ingram Micro Training when you enroll in the instructor-led class. While not a prerequisite for attending the classroom portion of the course, completing the eLearning modules before taking the instructor-led class can contribute to a more thorough grasp of the security features and protocols taught. Whichever order you choose, it is still recommended to complete both before taking the comprehensive certification exam, as both eLearning and ILT content are covered. The eLearning course takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete. eLearning Modules: 1. Getting Started 2. Using Wizards 3. Configuring Network Settings 4. Managing User Accounts 5. Configuring Route Policies 6. Managing Logs 7. Monitoring and Reporting 8. Enabling Firewall Diagnostics

Successful completion of the SNSA curriculum qualifies you to take the SonicWall Network Security Administrator (SNSA) Certification Exam. While this exam is not taken in the classroom, you will have access to it on-line via SonicWall University using the unique exam key provided to you upon completion of your instructor-led class. The instructor-led class is two business days in length. Instructor-Led Training: 1. Setting up Basic Firewall Components 2. Unified Threat Management 3. Secure Access 4. Deep Packet Inspection for SSL (DPI-SSL) 5. Content Filtering Services 6. Application Control 7. Scalability and Reliability 8. High Availability The instructor-guided portion of the curriculum provides a suite of intensive ILT scenario-based sessions, wherein you learn to configure, manage, and monitor a SonicWall Network Security firewall in a risk-free lab environment.

Pre-Requisite Text:
• High-level understanding of networking fundamentals and architecture, including OSI data model, IP addressing, dynamic routing, switching, VoIP, cloud and virtualization, network topologies and connectivity, wired and wireless networks, system backup and recovery, network applications and peripherals, network management protocols, etc. • Knowledge of enterprise security concepts and technologies, such as firewalls, gateways, VPN architecture, threat protection, content filtering, NAT, IPSec, SSL, DPI, zones, encryption and cryptography, access control, Identity management, security compliance policies, latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities, etc.

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