In this course, students will identify effective project management practices and their related processes. They will examine the elements of sound project management and apply the generally recognized practices in successfully managing projects.

Event Number: PMFUND

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Technical


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Identify the key processes and requirements of project management
• Initiate a project
• Time and cost planning
• Plan for project risks, communication, and change control
• Manage a small project
• Execute the project closeout phase

Course Detail:

1. Getting Started with Project Management • Describe a Project • Describe the Project Management Life Cycle • Identify the Role of a Project Manager

2. Initiating a Project • Determine the Scope of a Project • Identify the Skills for a Project Team • Identify the Risks to a Project

4. Planning for Project Risks, Communication, and Change Control • Analyze the Risks to a Project • Create a Communication Plan • Plan for Change Control

6. Executing the Project Closeout Phase • Close a Project • Create a Final Report

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