Junos Multicast Routing - JMR

  • Duration:2.00 Days

This two-day course is designed to provide students with detailed coverage of multicast protocols including Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), Protocol Independent Multicast-Dense Mode (PIM-DM), Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse Mode (PIM-SM), Bidirectional PIM, and Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP).
Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the Junos OS and monitoring device and protocol operations. This course utilizes Juniper Networks vMX Series devices for the hands-on component, but the lab environment does not preclude the course from being applicable to other Juniper hardware platforms running the Junos OS. The Juniper Networks vMX Series devices run Junos OS Release 16.2R1.6.

Event Number: JMR

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

Day 1Chapter 1: Course IntroductionChapter 2: Introduction to Multicast Overview of Multicast
Multicast Addresses
Reverse Path Forwarding
Internet Group Management Protocol
Lab 1: Implementing a Baseline Network

Chapter 3: Multicast Routing Protocols Overview of Multicast Routing Protocols
PIM Message Types

Day 2Chapter 5: MSDP MSDP
Lab 3: Implementing MSDP and Anycast-RP

Chapter 7: Multicast and Policy Multicast and Policy Overview
Controlling PIM Join and Register Messages
Controlling BSR Messages
Controlling MSDP SA Messages
Implementing Multicast Scoping
Lab 5: Multicast and Policy

Appendix A: PIM Dense Mode Dense Mode Operation
Configuring Dense Mode
Monitoring Dense Mode
Lab 6: PIM Dense Mode (Optional)

Pre-Requisite Text:
Students should have basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and the TCP/IP protocol suite. Students should also have working knowledge of security policies.

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