IoT University: User Experience

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We craft experiences with intent, while constantly considering dependencies—this is what sets us apart to create value for our clients. In Internet of Things, we have to be thinking on and off the screen. We have to consider every touch point that could be evoked through any of the senses. This class will focus on the principles of user-centered design and it’s use in the creation of immersive, interactive products.

• Learn a practical framework for designing multi-device experiences based on the 3Cs—Consistent, Complementary, and Continuous approaches
• Graduate from offering everything on all devices to delivering the right thing, at the right time, on the best (available) device
• Apply the 3Cs framework to the broader realm of the Internet of Things and design multi-device experiences that anticipate a fully connected world

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Audience: Sales Rep, Account Executive, Sales Engineer, Principal Consultants, Solution Architects, CTO, Executives, Marketing , Business Development , Practice Leader, Manager, Consultants, Systems Integrators, Solution Providers, Resellers, Application / Software Development Firms, Design Studios, Consulting Firms, VARs, MSPs, CSPs

Event Number: IoT002

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: IoT - Internet of Things

Course Detail:

UX - User Experience made simple within the context of IoT and Connected Products scenarios. Understand what concepts are involved in User Experience Design and how it relates specifically to IoT, we will expose the class to concepts through conversations, a short presentation, demonstrations, a case study and through in course assessments. You will readily evelate your value to clients by understanding the 3 Cs of UX (User Experience) - Consistentcy, Complementary, and Continuous. Key Moments / Use Case Flow Assignment - key moments in a sample journey, then demonstrate using the 3Cs through an IoT device use-case flow.

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