IoT University: Architecture Matters

  • Duration:5.00 Hours
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The goal for attendees is for them to gain a high-level understanding of the different IoT architecture types so that they can have an informed discussion with customers regarding different IoT platforms and their tradeoffs. 
Learning Outcomes
• Gain a general understanding of IoT architectures
• Learn high level technical trade offs
• Understand common pricing models / pricing implications driven by architecture choices

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Audience: Sales Rep, Account Executive, Sales Engineer, Principal Consultants, Solution Architects, CTO, Executives, Marketing , Business Development , Practice Leader, Manager, Consultants, Systems Integrators, Solution Providers, Resellers, Application / Software Development Firms, Design Studios, Consulting Firms, VARs, MSPs, CSPs

Event Number: IoT001

Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: IoT - Internet of Things

Course Detail:

Covers the broad range of IoT architectures bringing clarity to the platform and architectures choices that must be dealt with. The range of concepts covered are from cloud platform, local and wide area networking, application integration, to business model integration. These IoT architectures are measured in terms of features, customization capabilities, engineering/implementation costs, support costs and overall TCO over time*number of connected devices. Based on the content of the Kickoff Presentation and the materials provided ahead of time, students will be able to build a 30-minute presentation discussing the different IoT architectures and the trade-offs. The audience for the presentation is a potential customer. We suggest the student deliver a presentation to a peer. Teaching what you learn is critical to building confidence, competence, and finding your passion when communicating about a topic with others. Students will create an action plan for leveraging areas of strength and improving areas of opportunity when communicating with a client.

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