In today's Digitized business environment, Leaders both technically and operationally need to be vigilant against threats to their business, their brand and security of customer and employee data. Cyber threats are continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated. With the advent of accelerated learning by the hacker community, IOT, increased B2B and B2C, there is pressure on the top management to lead the change by engaging trusted technology partners and understand how to build the right capabilities internally that will address today's and tomorrow's threats which are proving more difficult to prevent and detect. First off cyber security must be viewed by senior management as a business continuity issue and by extension a major risk management concern. Cybersecurity doesnt just relate to the technical configuration of systems but also promotes positive behavioral change within an organization as it has the potential to secure the future of a business. Budgets for IT security are shifting from IT departments to business stakeholders. By analyzing the motivation and risk of non-IT business stakeholders, attendees learn how to shift their traditional approachs and tailor messages that resonate with specific stakeholders.

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