Every company in every industry is dramatically affected by ever faster market dynamics and the need for higher business agility. It will be the responsibility of the top teams to lead the change by building the right capabilities for their companies and remain relevant in the agile environment, achieve growth, and fend off competitive threats. Digitalisation capabilities can be a very valuable building block for companies, enabling people to perform business processes quicker. New digitised Services even allow to radically change/optimise processes and adopt changes faster. And it supports companies at the forefront of business transformation to establish new capabilities in the core business, create smart products and develop the edge. Traditionally, system integrators sell and deliver dedicated solutions. But if customers start to digitalise their business, they first need advice - a straight methodology, a toolset for business analysis, a deep dive into (future) business capabilities and potential digitalization use cases. System integrators can create value by facilitating this process, support the customers' digital transformation and build a roadmap. In our class, we educate digitalization consultants/facilitators in a comprehensive process, a toolset and how to guide stakeholders through the process. In the workshop, the business model of a specific client will be determined (where in their business digitalisation has the most material impact), the missing capabilities associated with their business and the remedies new technology can bring to bear, we will discover the measurable value for stakeholders that we have had no previous contact with. This engagement is unique in two specific areas: depth and perception. As an outcome, a digitalization roadmap is being defined that creates confidence and offers sales opportunities.

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