This 4-day course provides students with an introduction to the technical framework of the Sterling Order Management application. It deals with the process to customize Sterling Order Management system to meet the Supply Chain Management needs. The process to extend transaction workflows and fulfillment pipelines, and how to move data between applications is explained in detail.

This course begins with an overview of the technical architecture of the Sterling Order Management system, including installation and deployment. Students are then introduced to APIs, Agent Framework, and Services Definition Framework. Procedures to create, extend, and customize agents, agent servers, APIs, and services provided in detail. The course also has deep-dives to explore database extensibility, object extensibility, presentation framework, and customization of the Sterling Order Management user interface.

Through a combination of procedural information and exercises, you can learn to manage the technical aspects of the Sterling Order Management application.


This course is designed to train developers and implementers.

Brand: Supply Chain - Order Management and Fulfillment; Windows

Event Number: 6F94G

Available Languages: English (US),English (UK),French (Canada),German (Germany),Russian (Russia),Japanese (Japan),Chinese (Simplified),Italian (Italy),Polish (Poland),Portuguese (Brazil),French (France),Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spain),Portuguese (Portugal),Thai (Thailand),Dutch (The Netherlands),Turkish (Turkey),Romanian (Romania),Czech (Czech Republic),Latvian (Latvia),Lithuanian (Lithuania),Norwegian (Bokml),Swedish (Sweden),Finnish (Finland),Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia),Hungarian (Hungary),Croatian (Croatia

Subjects: Technical


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Provide an understanding of the technical environment of the Sterling Order Management system.
  • Extend transaction workflows and fulfillment pipelines.
  • Use the Sterling Order Management APIs to move data between Sterling Order Management and other applications.
  • Create new agents and agentservers.
  • Configure services.
  • Customize the user interface, database, printed documents, and objects.
  • Extend the application screen by using Web UI Framework.

Learn about;
Sterling Order Management;
Sterling Order Management 9.5.0

Course Detail:

The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Installation and Deployment
  • Unit 3: APIs and Custom Business Logic
  • Unit 4: Agent Framework
  • Unit 5: Managing Returns
  • Unit 5: Service Definition Framework
  • Unit 6: Extensibility
  • Unit 7: Presentation Framework
  • Unit 8: Web UI Framework
  • Unit 9: Case Study
  • Course Wrap-up


Pre-Requisite Text:

Before taking this course, students should have completed:

  • 6W856 - Supply Chain Concepts (Web-based course)
  • 6F19G - Introduction to Sterling Order Management (Web-based course)
  • 6F91G – Configuring Participant Modeling, Process Modeling, and User Security
  • 6F92G – Configuring Item and Pricing
  • 6F93G – Inventory Management and Order Management Rules


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Start Date / End Date:
08/19/2019 10:00 EST -
08/22/2019 18:00 EST
764120 Location: NA Virtual - ET Language: English (US) Price: $3280.00 USD Enroll:

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Start Date / End Date:
11/11/2019 10:00 EST -
11/14/2019 18:00 EST
764118 Location: NA Virtual - ET Language: English (US) Price: $3280.00 USD Enroll:

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