IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.x) - B6158G

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ILT - Instructor Led Training

3.00 Days


Report Authors

DS&BA - Cognos Analytics; Windows



• Knowledge of your business requirements
• IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) WBT or equivalent knowledge

Course Detail:

What is IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting?
• Create a simple list report
• Create a report from a dimensionally modeled relational data source

Examine personal data sources and data modules
• Upload personal data
• Upload custom images
• Use navigation paths
• Create a report from a personal data source

Examine list reports
• Group data in a list
• Format columns in a list
• Include headers and footers in a list
• Enhance a list report

Aggregate measure/fact data
• Identify differences in aggregation
• Explore data aggregation

Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries
• Create a multi-fact query in a list report

Add repeated information to reports
• Create a mailing list report

Create crosstab reports
• Add measures to a crosstab
• Data sources for a crosstab
• Create a simple crosstab report

Create complex crosstab reports
• Add items as peers
• Create crosstab nodes and crosstab members
• Create a complex crosstab report

Format, sort, and aggregate data in a crosstab
• Sort, format, and aggregate a crosstab report

Create discontinuous crosstab reports
• Present unrelated items using a discontinuous crosstab

Create a visualization report
• Create and format a visualization report
• Create a report that uses a Map visualization
• Show the same data graphically and numerically

Focus reports using filters
• Apply filters to a report
• Apply a detail filter on fact data in a report
• Apply a summary filter to a report

Focus reports using prompts

Course Detail 1:
/> • Create a prompt by adding a parameter
• Add a value prompt to a report
• Add a Select & search prompt to a report
• Create a cascading prompt

Augment reports using calculations
• Add calculations to a report
• Display prompt selections in the report title

Customize reports with conditional formatting
• Create a multilingual report
• Highlight exceptional data and conditionally render a column

Drill-through definitions
• Let users navigate to related data in IBM Cognos Analytics

Enhance report layout
• Create a report structured on data items
• Create a condensed list report

Use additional report building techniques
• Section a report and reuse objects within the same report
• Reuse layout components in a different report
• Explore options for reports that contain no data

Available Languages:
English (US),Polish (Poland)

Session ID:
B6158G - 04 SEP 2019 CET - Warsaw, PL

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08/20/2019 00:00 CET

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