IoT Essentials - FL-IOTESS

  • Duration:1.00 Days


Event Number: FL-IOTESS

Available Languages: English (US),English (UK),French (Canada),German (Germany),Russian (Russia),Japanese (Japan),Chinese (Simplified),Italian (Italy),Portuguese (Brazil),French (France),Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spain),Portuguese (Portugal),Thai (Thailand),Dutch (The Netherlands)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

Outline: IoT Essentials (IOTESS)
Topic 1: IoT 101 – Everything Old is New again
• A brief history of IoT
• Impact of IoT on Business
• IoT is Central to Digital Transformation
• What IoT is and what it is not
• Market opportunity around IoT today
• Why IoT is important for you and your organization
Topic 2: Data in IoT
• Business Potential of Data (Data as strategic business asset)
• The power of Data-driven Analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive)
• Building the right Data infrastructure for your DX/IoT journey.
• The importance of a data mindset in today’s business
Topic 3: Understanding the IoT Business Value Proposition
• IoT is the story of: Outcomes à Data à Insights à Actions à Value
• Explore some business areas that are transforming using IoT
• Creating an Enterprise wide vision of IoT helps actualize your IoT Strategy
• Identifying the areas of assured ROI and payback for IoT projects
Topic 4: The Building Blocks of IoT
• Using IoT to create outcomes-based business models, services and products.
• Discover the various technology and solutions that make up the IoT Stack
• Describe the IoT Ecosystem, Partnerships and Workforce needed in an IoT Project
• Understand IoT Solution Project Lifecycle.

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