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Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

Outline: IoT Business Acumen (IOTBUSINESS)
Topic 1: Enterprise IoT Vision and Roadmap
• Identify the IoT project vision and roadmap
• Understand the importance of Business Model Innovation in the context to your IoT project.
• Define your business use case
• Determine your IoT project Skills, Talent, Technology and Organizational requirements
Topic 2: Research and Plan
• Assess the Digital Maturity of incumbent’s organization
• Assess the technology readiness
• Assess the ecosystem and partnership readiness
• Assess the cultural readiness
• Developing value proposition for your IoT Business Case
Topic 3: Prepare and Blueprint
• Best practice and mistakes to avoid
• Identify the IoT project requirements, technologies and capabilities
• Address security, organizational and change management needs
• Build your “coalition of the willing”
Topic 4: Implement & Scale
• How to measure and validate success in IoT project
• Learn to scale IoT Projects

Pre-Requisite Text:

IoT Essentials (IOTESS) or experience and working knowledge of IoT within the Enterprise.

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