In this course, students are taught about various forms of Security Technologies, Management and Monitoring. This course demonstrates the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment and addresses the state-of-the-art WLAN intrusion and DoS tools/technologies. It investigates the functionality of the 802.11i amendment to the 802.11 standard and the inner-workings of each EAP type used with wireless LANs today along with every class and type of WLAN security solution available on the market – from wireless intrusion prevention systems to wireless network management systems. This course details the most important and relevant WLAN security protocols, exchanges and Deployment Strategies and an in-depth examination of each authentication mode and EAP type used in wireless LANS today. The course includes hands on labs using the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing equipment.  Upon completion of this course, students will have been exposed to the necessary skills for implementing and managing wireless security in an enterprise environment by creating layer 2 and layer 3 hardware and software solutions utilizing industry leading manufacturers’ equipment.

Event Number: CWSP

Available Languages: English (US),English (UK),French (Canada),German (Germany),Russian (Russia),Japanese (Japan),Chinese (Simplified),Italian (Italy),Portuguese (Brazil),French (France),Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spain),Portuguese (Portugal),Thai (Thailand),Dutch (The Netherlands)

Subjects: Networking

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