This course is designed to provide students with Wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting tools. It introduces the Physical and MAC Layer Formats and Technologies, Protocol Operation and Analysis Tools and their Methodologies. With up-to-date enterprise wireless LAN analysis and troubleshooting concepts, this course delves deeply into the functionality of WLANs, intended operation of the 802.11 protocol and Wi-Fi Alliance specifications, WLAN frame formatting and structure, troubleshooting methodology, and protocol analysis. This is in-depth training in modern spectrum analysis, focused on advanced RF behavior analysis, data collection methods, interpreting spectrum plots and charts, and understanding advanced features of WLAN spectrum analyzers.

Event Number: CWAP

Available Languages: English (US),English (UK),French (Canada),German (Germany),Russian (Russia),Japanese (Japan),Chinese (Simplified),Italian (Italy),Portuguese (Brazil),French (France),Spanish (Latin America),Spanish (Spain),Portuguese (Portugal),Thai (Thailand),Dutch (The Netherlands)

Subjects: Networking

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