This course teaches the knowledge, skills and practical experience required to set up and configure a basic Aruba WLAN utilizing the OS 8.X architecture and features. Using lecture and labs, this course provides the technical understanding and hands-on experience of configuring a single Mobility Master with one controller and AP Aruba WLAN. Participants will learn how to use Aruba hardware and ArubaOS to install and build a complete, secure controller network with multiple SSIDs. This course provides the underlying material required to prepare candidates for the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) V8 certification exam.  

Audience: TopicsWLAN Fundamentals: Describes the fundamentals of 802.11, RF frequencies and channels Explain RF Patterns and coverage including SNR Roaming Standards and QOS requirementsMobile First Architecture: An introduction to Aruba Products including controller types and modes OS 8.X Architecture and features License types and distribution

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Available Languages: English (US)

Subjects: Technical

Course Detail:

Mobility Master Mobility Controller Configuration: An introduction to Aruba Products including controller types and modes OS 8.X Architecture and features License types and distributionSecure WLAN configuration: Identifying WLAN requirements such as SSID name, encryption, authentication Explain AP groups structure and profiles Configuration of WLAN using the Mobility Master GUI

AP Provisioning: Describes the communication between AP and Mobility controller Explain the AP booting sequence and requirements Explores the APs controller discovery mechanisms Explains how to secure AP to controller communication using CPSec Describes AP provisioning and operationsWLAN Security: Describes the 802.11 discovery, authentication and association Explores the various authentication methods, 802.1x with WPA/WPA2, Mac auth Describes the authentication server communication Explains symmetric vs asymmetric Keys, encryption methods WIPS is described along with rogue discovery and protection

Firewall Roles and Policies: An introduction into Firewall Roles and policies Explains Aruba’s Identity based Firewall Configuration of Policies and Rules including aliases Explains how to assign Roles to usersDynamic RF Management: Explain how ARM calibrates the network selecting channels and power settings Explores the new OS 8.X Airmatch to calibrate the network How Client match steers clients to better APs

Guest Access: Introduces Aruba’s solutions for Guest Access and the Captive portal process Configuration of secure guest access using the internal Captive portal The configuration of Captive portal using Clearpass and its benefits Creating a guest provisioning account Troubleshooting guest accessNetwork Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Using the MM dashboard to monitor and diagnose client, WLAN and AP issues Traffic analysis using APPrf with filtering capabilities A view of Airwaves capabilities for monitoring and diagnosing client, WLAN and AP issues

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