Ingram Micro - IBM Open Badge Program

Ingram Micro is pleased to be part of the IBM Open Badge Program. IBM credentials are recognized, respected and valued globally in the IT industry, but communicating your credentials in today’s ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging. IBM has established this program so you may easily and quickly share verified proof of your achievement wherever and whenever you choose.

Where applicable, your IBM credentials will be represented by a digital image that contains verified metadata describing your qualifications and the rigorous process necessary to earn them. IBM open badges provide you with significant benefits:
  • Combine your credentials to form a complete overview of your skills
  • Display your accomplishment in your e-mail signature
  • Display your qualifications on social and professional networking sites
  • Provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credential

Why Badging?

Badges are a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out to your peers, clients or potential employers.


How does the Badge Program help me?

IBM-badges-small.jpg Learn more regarding IBM Open Badge Program and how it can help you in your career by watching this video..

Enhance your Social Media Professional Profile

Learn more regarding how the IBM Open Badge Program can help you provide solid proof of your IBM credentials to your peers and potential employers today.



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