Flexible Integrated Learning LIVE Environment

Ingram Micro Training FIT®LIVE is a radically new way to learn about technical solutions. Instead of being confined to a stuffy classroom, you can virtually sit in a lecture hall, visit a breakout room or network with your peers on the beach. Multiple, discussions can take place simultaneously, and participants can have access to and take full advantage of all materials related to the session, increasing knowledge retention. Along with advanced collaboration tools, our FIT® LIVE environment knocks down costs associated with business travel related to other training courses; and bridges the gap with collaborating and training workers in multiple geographies.

On demand and on the go

The excitement for our FIT®OnDemand courses continues to rise. With new courses released monthly, our OnDemand library contains some of our most searched for courses with professionally filmed and produced content and integrated platform analytics.

The flexible schedule of FIT® OnDemand assures training on your schedule, not ours. FIT® OnDemand is designed to be used as a stand alone training platform or be integrated with other modalities, accessible anywhere in the world.


Using gamification enforces learning through interactivity in innovative virtual environments. Ingram Micro Training is on the cutting edge in learning experiences by offering gamification to enforce knowledge retention and to assure return on training investment.

With leaderboards to support group-based competition, our gamification feature allows you to view and search for players, filter view by Group (determined by admin) and send social challenges to other players to enhance learning. Detailed end of game performance feedback so that the players know what they need to improve on and can review content they got wrong, in addition, they can gauge how well they did compared to their peers and colleagues.

FIT® LIVE Digital Events

FIT® LIVE also hosts digital live events that you can attend, regardless of location.. With the ability to host keynote speakers, talk with colleague and industry peers around the world and even the ability to earn a badge after attendance, our FIT® LIVE environment is like no other training you have ever seen!

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